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How to take care and cleaning wood furniture

wood furniture
Wooden furniture such as furniture sofa, tables, etc. is very attractive. Decorate the clean room and beautiful house. Wooden furniture really needs special attention, especially if it is of sculptures. Must always be kept own. Here are the ways what we can do to clean:
  1. To remove the dust or dirt of wood furniture, use a soft cloth.
    Dampen a clean cloth
    with water before use, so that the furniture has been scratched.
  2. What to do if the dust has settled on the corner nan difficult, as between the sculpture
    : just use a small brush to dislodge dust
  3. Occasionally, use of special furniture of cleaning fluid.
    : use a soft cloth that do scratch furniture.
  4. Dust can be removed with an alias machine vacuum cleaner. Or with a small compressor. In this way, the wood furniture safer against scratches accidental are present.  
  5. Use special liquid for polishing furniture while protecting the wood.
    It is
    certain products that are manufactured to from oil of wood pure. The layers liquids the surface of wood is very good, soaking in the wood. The claims of manufacturers, the liquid does not leave residue. This way, it is more resistant to wood furniture from moisture, is also more sustainable
  6. Not less important is the way which you and other residents use of wood furniture.
    First of all,
    avoid placing wooden furniture in many places in the Sun for that color fade quickly furniture
    . Secondly, try to not move the heavy or sharp objects on top of wooden furniture, particularly table. Thus, it is cleaner Furniture from scratches. To minimize the risk from scratch, such as cloth napkins can be used.
    After that,
    keep the furniture from objects from heat or cold direct, including food / hot or cold drinks. Therefore, always use a base food- drinks.
  7. Cleaning wooden furniture with materials from your kitchen, how:
    of tea bags with 1 litre of water or can be customized. Dip one soft cloth in tea and press excess of marinade. Use a soft cloth to clean the surface from your wooden furniture. Do not leave furniture from damp wood. Once wiped with a cloth soaked in a bath tea, make sure that is not too wet or dry with a cloth soft and dry your wood furniture

    , we hope that your wooden furniture always looks attractive
2 Que faire si la poussière est retombée au coin nan difficile, comme entre la sculpture

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